Who Are We?

We are a 20 trick pony, a multi-disciplined group. Logic and process, art and creativity. We weave them together beyond a single discipline like website design or video production. No, Leonardo da Vinci isn’t part of the team, but his spirit is. Art and science – right brain, left brain – yes, we use them both to deliver the results you deserve. When you entrust us with your baby, our team combines the creative spark with logic to deliver efficiently and purposefully.


We are one agency, two teams.


Imagine an enthusiastic team that loves meeting the challenges of practical needs with inspired solutions. Picture people propelled by a can-do spirit grounded in accountability. You’re seeing the Tier 1 Creative team.

What Can We Do For You?

Our relentlessly balanced approach to your needs efficiently melds the left and right brains of our team. Capitalizing on our broad multi-industry experience, we logically process your needs analysis then feed the results through our creative engine. Kind of makes us smile thinking about it. We think you’ll smile with us when the work is done.

Our Production team works with cameras, footage, and imaging. We like our RED® cinema camera and high-end drone services to feed our editors the raw materials to make your story, your message pop!

Our Online Services team builds and grows your online prowess through websites, social media services, and search engine optimization.

Film Production

From concept to filming to post production, we have the RED®, we have the film school alum.


Need product photography? Commercial space interiors or exteriors? A new catalog? We’re ready.


If cinematic drone work or aerial photography is called for, just call us. Clients around the globe have.


Looking for an ecommerce website? Or something simpler? We’re ready to build a custom solution to your specifications.


Search Engine Optimization is no joke if you want to win online. Speed matters, structure matters. Content matters.


Effective branding requires multiple disciplines playing well together. Fortunately, we’re set for that.

Tier 1 Creative was hired to build websites for 3 companies and to develop core branding materials for 2 nonprofits. They went above-and-beyond in the delivery of services and we are very thankful for the final product and continuous improvements. Tier 1 is more than a vendor that we used for services. Jonathan has become fully infused in various aspects of our businesses, as a partner and part of the family. Thank you.

Matt Solomon


Why The Tier 1 Creative Team?

Because we love this stuff and we’re good at it. We make technologies and processes the servants, not the master.

We begin with the end in mind. We think long term. We create products and productions around known standards so that you’ll still be able to use them and contract help for even if aliens snatch our team from the earth.

Tech bows before the priority of the end-user. No matter how geeky, how high tech a solution is, if the end-user cannot sort it out, it’s a waste of resources. We like to avoid that and bet you do too.

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